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28 Feb 2018

Student organization

IBA-JU Business Club

The Business club of the Institute aims to develop students’ skills and competencies that would cater the needs of the corporate arena. Based on this core principle, the IBA-JU Business Club is working on the leadership development programs of the current students at all levels. Ever since its inception in 2008, the business club has arranged a number of events that include “Meet the Leader” program, seminars, business case competition, quiz competition, and so on. In so doing, the club develops the students’ skills so that they can better equip themselves for inter-university and national level competitions.

One of the key initiatives of the Business Club of the IBA-JU is the development of a case competition – Brainstorm. This competition has already showcased its first ever arrangement in 2010 with notable success. The club is aiming to bring this competition at the national level where the future business executives from the leading business schools of the country would participate. The current committee of the club has started this initiative, and is planning to launch this grand event by the end of 2012.

Infusion: IBA-JU Cultural Club

Infusion refers itself as the cultural society of IBA-JU. Students, in Infusion, get the opportunity to take their time out from thinking business and come up with their talents regarding music, dance, drama and other cultural activities. Infusion has organized many magnificent and highly appreciated events from the beginning of its journey back in 2006, led by the students of the institute’s 11th Batch. In every single aspect of each program organized by Infusion, a member gets to work with full freedom. Infusion values each of its members’ ability. It encourages leadership through cultural activities. In every three or four months, Infusion brings something out from its bag and refreshes the minds of the students which get dried up with continuous monotonous academic activities. Infusion believes that the shape of modern Bengali culture is shaped by some legends; it vows to uphold the uprightness of this beautiful Bengali culture.

Social Welfare Club, IBA-JU

IBA-JU Social Welfare Club (SWC) was established in 2009, and since then it is working as a non-profit social organization that voluntarily engages in the betterment of society. Formed under the roof of Institute of Business Administration, Jahangirnagar University (IBA-JU), SWC dedicates itself to Society’s welfare by sheer activism supporting the society’s cause such as poverty reduction, child education, employment creation etc. We also want to effectively benefit the society by protecting the environment and ensuring a sound public health. over the last few years, SWC has taken itself beyond the university premises and served a much bigger community. With more than 10 major events including Eid Food Distribution, Campus Cleaning, Fund Raising Film Festival, Rickshaw Distribution etc., SWC is proud to declare itself the true activists for the causes. One of the key events that the SWC is continuing over the last two years is the distribution of winter clothes among the underprivileged people who reside near the University campus. The club has a plan to expand this event to cover more areas in and around the Dhaka city.

COMMUNIC: IBA-JU Model United Nations Club

COMMUNIC is a dedicated platform for students to learn, practice and master fundamental and specialized communication skills through various programs, workshops, practice sessions and competitions. The club equips students with highly effective & efficient level of diversified communication adroitness which will furnish them a leading edge in today’s competitive arena. The club aims to:

  • Enhance the spoken, written, verbal & non-verbal communication skills in intrapersonal and interpersonal aspects.
  • Enhance students’ negotiating and oratory skills and broaden view and knowledge of the world.
  • Develop self- confidence through budding efficient communication skill.
  • Practice language expertise and cultural exchange program.

In this process, the club introduces activities such as Model UN conferences, open discussion sessions on public speaking, creative writing and presentation, cultural exchange sessions with overseas students, GMAT English and Integrated English Psychometric Test practice sessions under its Project on English Proficiency Enhancement (PEPE), etc. To know more about COMMUNIC log on to: their official website


Envisio: IBA-JU Photography Club

Envisio – the Media and Photography Club of the IBA-JU concentrates on bringing out the inner creativeness of the students and the way of expressing their dreams. The club started its journey in 2010 keeping the vision in mind – creating a platform where students can outshine with their creativity. It brings out the potential from the students and nurtures them so that they could show excellence in the arena of photography, short film, creative writing and the never ending queues of media wings. Thus far, Envisio has conducted “Basic Photography Course” among the students to develop their primary skills of Photography.

The biggest success of Envisio is the organizing of the first ever week-long Intra-Jahangirnagar University Photography exhibition – Reunion of Life, which was held in the Drik Gallery from 22nd-28th July, 2011. It was a huge success for the club. The event attracted a large number of participants from the current students as well as from the alumnus and teachers which truly made the event memorable. Envisio does not look for talent rather brings it out from you.

IBA-JU Sports Club

The sports club of the Institute has been rebranded as the “IBA-JU Sports Club” in 2009. Prior to this change, the club was identified as the sports club of the then Department of Business Administration (now IBA-JU). Since its inception back in 1991, the club continues to arrange a diverse range of indoor and outdoor sporting events and acting as the sporting wing of the current IBA-JU sporting teams. The core principle of this club is to promote a sustainable sporting culture as a means of developing leadership skills of the students. In the process, the club also encourages the students to develop healthy lifestyles so that they can make themselves ready for modern workplaces. Under the umbrella of this club, the IBA-JU basketball team won the inter-department championship titles for three consecutive years. The cricket and football teams also made notable progress over the course of last 10 years. The IBA-JU sports club is aiming to deliver even better sporting culture and performance in future.

IBA-JU Debating Club

IBA-JU DC (IBA-JU Debating Club), The debate club of IBA-JU started its journey in a new format and with a great enthusiasm in the year 2011 so that the students of IBA-JU can share their freedom of speech and expression in an open forum, engage in rhetoric on a variety of issues on the local, regional, national, and international level, and expand learning in order to become more active and productive citizens.

After starting the journey, the club is continuously participating in different debate competitions and capturing honor for IBA-JU. Now, IBA-JU DC is a well known club throughout the debate world. This club is also organizing different debate competitions and workshops for the students of IBA-JU as well as students of other institutions.


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